Sustainability with Digital Signage for Events

Going green has been in the forefront of every industry’s agenda in recent years. With the push for a more sustainable solution for everything from straws to fast food, reducing our carbon footprint has become priority. How can we improve upon this in the events industry?

Constructing and deconstructing events is a herculean task, requiring an army of people as well as materials, with many items becoming piles of trash by the end of an event. From directional signage that must consistently be updated through the progression of the event, banners displaying sponsors and ads, event agendas, maps, and branding for the event itself becomes waste.

This is where digital signage becomes a more efficient and sustainable solution. Your event can phase out waste by consolidating your event information to digital signage. These smart signs can be used repeatedly, only requiring updated content. The digital signs can run all forms of event content in an efficient and compelling way, eliminating the need to produce many forms of printed event signage.

Champion for sustainability and lessen your carbon footprint with our digital signage alternatives for your next event.