Session Overflow

Get the most out of your Keynote and General Sessions

What is etech’s Session Overflow?

A campus-wide real-time content encoding and playback system. Each encoding room interfaces with the audio and video signals from the provided AV systems. Each source is encoded and streamed via the ShowCommand Network event network to pre-specified playback location designated by you.

In the playback room, attendees are able to view the session live, seeing both the presenter and their presentation.

Connected to the ShowCommand Network, etech will have the ability to remotely monitor, manage and switch source or destination rooms, as well as other signage content playing within each room.

Session and Capacity Management

Nothing impacts the attendee experience more than these words… “This session is full.” A disgruntled attendee can lead to bad event reviews, hard feelings toward your brand, loss of attendees or worse case, a lost customer. Even with the best planning, capacity issues arise. Keep your attendees happy with a back-up plan provided by etech.

etech’s Session Overflow allows you to immediately overflow live, on-screen presentations to additional seating and viewing spaces anywhere within the meeting campus.

etech’s Session Overflow solution is centrally managed through etech’s digitally managed network, ShowCommand, allowing you to immediately display and inform your audience of the full session and direct them to the overflow area.

Your attendees will never be turned away from their favorite, most anticipated sessions again.

etech has a team of industry experts who specialize in elevating the attendee experience through visual communication solutions.

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