Map for Success

Anytime you are lost, your first challenge is to figure out where you are and where do you need to go. This challenge has been made easier when we drive in our day to day lives with the invention of smart phones, and easily accessible online maps. But why is it so difficult when you attend an event at a large convention space?

Our Wayfinding solutions ease your attendee’s dilemma by presenting them with an engaging and mobile accessible alternative. Using our interactive maps displayed brilliantly on large touch screen monitors, your attendees can search sessions, rooms, booths and more to map the route to their targeted destination. Pathways to their desired location are highlighted with motion graphics, rather than having to look at a map and chart their own journey. By scanning a QR code with their mobile phone, they can continue using the map on their way.

Making sure your attendee’s can find where they want to go is the first step in creating a remarkable event. Map out your first step into creating an unforgettable event by contacting us