Eliminate the Visual Noise with Digital Signage

Imagine you’re in an airport waiting to hear updates regarding a change to your flight. Between the chatter of people, a stampede of loud footsteps followed by wheels of suitcases, and other announcements simultaneously being played throughout the airport, your critical flight change becomes lost in a sea of noise.

Visual Communication is no different. Event venues use a myriad of visual communication approaches to communicate with guests, including architectural signs, printed signs, digital signs, and even their own apps. This, in addition to your event’s communication becomes an overwhelming experience of having to decipher between the content displayed, and the content they need.

Using digital signage, we can eliminate the noise and directly target your message to your audience. Event agenda signs are clearly legible only displaying current up to the minute information and are updated automatically as the event progresses, session room signs are changed automatically as the session begins and ends, directional and transportation information signage communicates where and how your attendee should be traveling.

Eliminate over communication with your attendees and let etech give them ONLY the information they need, when and where they need it.