Driving Technology for New Digital Event Advertising

Advertising at venues has become a race to have the most banners, printed signs, and static looping logos displayed throughout an event space. With no purposeful strategy, this signage becomes lost opportunities to connect to your audience. Why can’t event advertising be like other digital advertising methods?

We display ads specifically to targeted areas and specific times, so your attendees aren’t missing pertinent information, and your sponsors are directly connecting to your audience.

We team up with you and your advertisers to create and connect purposeful ads through our digital signage network across any AV screen including projectors, monitors, or LED walls. The advertisements follow your event agenda through your registration system, automatically updating as your event progresses, giving us the ability to help you select the best times and places during the event to display your ads on screens attendees already trust.

Areas of sponsorship become more impactful and immersive, as attendees are having more interaction directly with your sponsors, through the signs that they are gathering their pertinent event information. Sponsors maximize their exposure by creating brand takeover moments at high traffic, peak times, with engaging and captivating high definition graphics and videos, displayed brilliantly over multiple digital signs.

Let us build a winning strategy for your sponsors and advertisers using our digital signage network.