Creating a Stress-Free Event Using Digital Signage

During an event, there are so many variables that determine how your attendee perceives their success. With so many moving parts, it’s easy to forget the one thing that matters most is your event attendee experience. With hectic schedules and confusion as to where and when they need to find a session or hear a keynote, frustration can easily build. We can help you and your attendees at every step of the way.

Our customizable mapping and wayfinding solutions make navigating your event straightforward and uncomplicated. Your attendees scan a QR code and take their directions on their mobile device, ensuring they are able to navigate throughout your event. Along the way, dynamic directional signage, strategically placed throughout the space, serve as a guide to give assurance your attendees are heading in the right direction. Session rooms signs display current information and automatically update any changes directly from your event registration system throughout your event. Show Central Walls can be placed anywhere in your venue, that serve as central information hubs for the length of your event, displaying interactive maps, and generating revenue with sponsorship and advertising opportunities.

Our goal is to elevate your event and serve to create a connection between you and your attendees. Our scalable approach allows us to design a digital solution for your budget. Let etech create a seamless customer journey for your next event.