Creating a Familiar Connection with Digital Signage

How we communicate and learn in the past decade has changed drastically, yet the event industry has been slow to adapt. According to studies, adults spend an average of 12 hours a day in front of phones, computers and TV’s. During a conference or event, your attendees expect you to provide them with the same technology ease of use as they are accustomed in their day to day lives, like searching or mapping on Google.

By moving to a digital signage system, you’ll have new simple and effective ways to communicate, just like you see in airports and sports facilities. You’ll have new capabilities such as high-resolution motion graphics, touch screens to draw in and engage your attendees, and gamification to create a fun and immersive experience. Your hubs of communication become more than just a source of information for your audience, they become a reliable and memorable part of their event experience.

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