A New Standard For Digital Signage

etech implements a connected event through our state of the art platform, ShowCommand.

Through this platform, you can create channels for the smart, timely distribution of targeted content from throughout the event. That distribution can occur within the same facility or across multiple venues.

  • Live Content Distribution
  • Session Overflow
  • Video & Audio
  • Graphics
  • Animations
  • Sponsor Advertising
  • Safety Messaging
  • And more!

In addition to content distribution, the ShowCommand Platform allows for the efficient data transfer by integrating with other event systems such as:

  • Registration

  • Social Media

  • Conference Apps

  • Webpages

  • News & Live Feeds

ShowCommand – The premier digital signage platform for the events industry

Some key features of ShowCommand are:

ShowCommand is etech’s propriety platform that creates a temporary digital signage network that is controlled centrally and manages all of the digital signage for your event.

It offers powerful content management enabling content delivery that’s programmable by date, time, and need.

Content can be easily changed, managed and distributed in real-time.

Supports live content and schedule changes

Integrates with your registration system, event website, and social media channels

Scalable, from just a few displays to hundreds, and across multiple venues

Provides valuable post-event analytics & metrics

etech has a team of industry experts who specialize in elevating the attendee experience through visual communication solutions.

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