Survey Stations

Real, live event feedback, in the moment.

Don’t guess what your audience is thinking… know.

To improve events we often turn to attendees to rate and review their experience. Surveys have long had a disconnect with guests because they’re offered after the fact, are out of context and typically get low participation.

etech Survey Stations provide live data that helps you refine and perfect your event—placing the survey in front of attendees at the right moment, in the right place.

  • Our connected devices start a conversation. They open up a dialog between organizer and attendees, giving event planners deeper insight into attendee experience.
  • They provide a quick, micro transaction, helping us better understand your guests.
  • Deploying these throughout your event gives us real time snapshots, allowing your team to react and immediately address.
  • And best of all, survey station is an inexpensive solution that scales as you need it.

Stop guessing with Survey Station.

How do you improve your event?

Surveys that occur after the fact, giving an incomplete picture. Most only go to the effort of completing a survey when something doesn’t meet expectations. With convenient, simple polls, we can take the pulse of the show with greater participation. We make it easy to tell us how we’re doing.

Survey stations have such a small footprint. We can place them directly in the mix.

When your attendees are in the moment, they are much more likely to respond. When we delight our audience and they have the chance to immediately tell you—they do. And it helps us shape a more responsive user experience.

  • Did you enjoy the session?
  • Was the speaker relevant?
  • Was registration easy and quick?
  • How was breakfast?

Focused Message

The more questions in a survey, the lower the response rate. Instead of a giant questionnaire, we can poll attendees quickly and often, throughout an event. Digital and connected, you can change questions throughout the day, from anywhere.


Incentivize response with messaging throughout the event, placing Survey Stations at convenient locations and even showing real time results on digital signage. And it’s an opportunity to gamify with contests, promotions and more.

Want more insight into menu choices? Ask about breakfast choices as guests gather at the coffee station. Did attendees like the last speaker? Poll them right there, between sessions. It’s a simple as touching a button.

Quick simple polls elicit more response. One focused question makes it easy to answer and lowers the barrier to participate. Instead of guessing, we start to understand what people want—and in short order, we gain deeper insights.

Survey Station gives us actionable information and user interaction. Let etech show you how quick and simple it is to implement this at your next event.

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