Streaming Overflow Sessions

Session Full?

Streaming Overflow Sessions Save the Day

One of the most challenging issues facing Event Managers today is balancing meeting space seating capacities with their most popular keynotes and sessions. How can room attendance be known months or years in advance—before an agenda has even been created?

Your attendees have invested considerable time and money to make your event. They’re excited to meet, learn, and experience all you have to offer. To turn them away and prevent them from experiencing your best live content is an embarrassing and avoidable situation.

streaming overflow session
Problem: Crowds fill a hallway, after the doors have been closed. Solution: SOS

Fortunately, there is new technology available to address overcapacity session problems.

Instead of turning away your attendees, you can reroute them to available overflow viewing areas. Guests experience a live video of the session in a planned, organized setting—in real time! Your attendees never miss that critical session.

There have been major advancements in video streaming technology—remember life before Netflix?

By incorporating the latest encoding and streaming technology into our proven Digital Event Signage system, live or pre-recorded video can be displayed on nearly any AV screen. The system creates an “internal webcast” of the full session room within your meeting venue’s network.

More attendees see session content, live and onsite. Maximize your audience and improve guest satisfaction with this scalable, efficient service.

Streaming overflow sessionWith Streaming Overflow Sessions (SOS) at your event, you can make all your session and keynote rooms ‘overflow ready’.

This is especially helpful when working with a multi-venue event. Instead of having everyone move from one building to the other to watch a popular session, you can deliver the live session to the offsite location.

Expand even further by combining overflow with our Event Digital Signage, display assets already in place directing attendees to alternative viewing areas, updating content in real time.

overflow digital signage
Digital Signage showing session info, before it fills up and the doors close.

Streaming Overflow Sessions are the perfect way to make sure everyone has an opportunity to see those critical meetings at your event; even the ones you didn’t plan for!

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