Session Signage

Benefits of Using Digital Meeting Room Signage

One of the most frustrating and time consuming tasks that event organizers face when implementing their events is updating and correcting signage that has already been printed.

Session Signage, which is typically placed outside of each meeting room, provide event attendees with a calendar of the day’s events and can include session names, speaker information, time and location. For event attendees, navigating any event can be stressful enough; knowing you’re in the right place for the right session, is a huge relief.

To deal with ever changing event details, many meeting planners resort to printed meter boards. When something changes, their teams race into crisis mode to correct the information, have it reprinted, and then replacing the outdated sign. It becomes a frenzy and often event planners  will need to dedicate teams of people to get this done.

etech Events, a leader in digital event signage has digital solutions that provide for a more efficient way of managing this situation.

While printed signage has been the norm in the past, modern technology allows us to offer network of connected displays.


Our Event Communication Network replaces large format print with digital session signage, connecting every display to a database driven control center. This facilitates revisions to signage real-time – whether you are changing one or all your signage, it can be done effortlessly.

You save time, the expense, the stress and the waste, of having to reprint your signage. More importantly, you can use each digital sign to push out on-going communications, changing content as needed over the course of the event. Digital session signage allows for dynamic content and that includes  directions, advertising, sponsorship messaging and more. That’s why it is called the Event Communication Network.

etech Communications Development Process

Step One:  Working with your design team, Etech creates a graphic background template that follows your brand style guide. Branding goes a long way to direct guests to where the action is.

Step Two:  We collaborate to determine the exact content and graphics you’d like to display on your signs.

Step Three:  The digital signage system is programmed to know where every digital sign is located, displaying the content for each individual sign automatically, all from your session data.

The result is a seamless and efficient signage development process which will  free up a lot of time and resources  that you can devote to the rest of the planning you need to do.

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