Event Presentation Management best practices with PrezPro

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Collect and Organize • Moderate, Edit and Approve • Distribute • Presenter Support

Managing the presentations for an event can be a daunting and important task, with 10’s, 100’s and even 1000’s of documents needing to be reviewed by multiple people in various stages of completion. This is not the place for email!

We’ve all seen technical difficulties and the chaos of speaking at a live event with minutes to set up. With PrezPro, our presentation management system, your speakers don’t have to worry about thumb drives, cables, software, or what the PowerPoint will look like on screen.

The quality of your presentations are the main reason people attend your event. And presentations are viewed not only during your event, but take on a life of their own afterward.

Best Practices: Ask these questions

  • Do I have a presentation for every session?
  • Do the presentations fit with my AV setup & requirements?
  • Has the content been approved by track managers, legal and/or creative teams?
  • Do I have permission to use/record the session from the presenter?
  • Do I have the latest version—and is the final version in the meeting room?
  • Is it easy for the presenters/technicians to use in the meeting room?

Best Practices: Steps for Event Presentation Management

Collect and Organize
Managing every presentation for your event requires a system for viewing, editing and moderating content. Many parties and departments need oversight. PrezPro keeps everything in one place, securely managing roles and access.

Gathering documents is the first step. The process starts with web upload tools for presenters and bulk uploads when your team provides content in quantity.

Edit, Moderate and Approve
When your meeting content is sensitive, it may need to be to be vetted and approved by multiple teams. PrezPro makes it easy to review and approve—or ask for edits for every presentation. Whether it’s to ensure brand guidelines are consistent, to moderate content or review legal requirements, we customize the process to your unique needs. Access is secure, easily manageable, and role based with customization options.

Onsite Presenter Support
Our team provides the tools for presenters to test and prepare at your event in the Speaker Ready Room.

Presenters can check in, review their presentation, and see exactly how their final material will appear.
The presenters can review and practice their presentation on a laptop, identical to equipment they’ll use in their session – minimizing last minute compatibility issues. They can make last minute edits, with our team right alongside to help.

You can also view a live up to the minute administration dashboard, making you aware of any missing presentations.

Distribution to Meeting Rooms
With final approvals, the last step is distribution.  automatically syncs up a copy of the file to the laptop in the correct meeting room—and we’re ready to go.

Time to Begin
In the meeting room, presenters and technicians access the laptop with presentation open to the management page view—as they’ve practiced in the speaker ready room. Opening the most current, tested and approved presentation takes seconds. It’s that easy.

During and after the event a complete database of every final presentation is available to you immediately—we’ve thought through every detail.


etech provides the process, tools and people you need to make your Event Presentation Management process run smoothly.

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