Identifying Roles for Better Digital Signage

Our process takes the anxiety out of digital signage at your events.


Attention to detail that meets every need, delivered with stellar customer service. Here’s a brief summary of both etech roles—and your counterparts.

Meet the etech Team

These four key roles manage your event from concept through fulfillment, collaborating with your team to ensure your signage delivers maximum value.

Account Manager
Your main contact, our AM helps identify your signage needs and maintains your budget.

Project Manager
This key manager keeps your signage project on schedule—both before the event and on-site.

Signage Programmer
This team member makes the magic happen, bringing your signage to life with dynamic content. They turn your your designs into a working signage network.

Signage Technician
Boots on the ground to get your signage network deployed on site, this etech team member keeps everything running smoothly throughout the event.

Your Key Collaborators

Identifying these roles from your staff ensures best results.

Event Manager
Following your lead, this person sets the overall vision for the event and signage needs.

Creative Lead
Your creative lead coordinates the graphic design of your signage. A key collaborator, this person provides the graphic assets that power your digital signage. This is where you manage look and feel, providing everything etech needs to provide digital signage that reflects your vision for each event.  We use the assets you provide to build your signage.

Registration Contact
Whether an internal role or a third party contact, this roles provides access to your database of up to date session schedules, which etech programs into the signage, so it’s always current.

Every role working in tandem ensures that we don’t miss a thing—and your digital signage delivers the right visuals to power your event.

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