IT, Internet and Wi-Fi Event Services

etech provides event Internet Services where reliable Wi-Fi and wired services are critical.

internet and wifi

We function as your trusted adviser throughout the process by providing strategy, negotiation, project management and expert onsite execution.

We work in conjunction with meeting facilities and vendors in your event ecosystem (from registration to event apps to AV) to deliver the best value and solution. We save money and create peace of mind by streamlining the process throughout all areas of your event.

On-site, we’ll support your staff, presenters and attendees with responsive customer service. After the event, we’ll provide detailed analytics and suggestions to improve future events.

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IT, Internet and WiFi

Our Services

  • Contract negotiation
  • Site survey
  • Network equipment rental
  • Ethernet cabling
  • Exhibitor services
  • Wi-Fi event splash pages
  • Onsite technical support