Who we are

Responsive, intuitive and efficient, our teams’ expertise in AV, IT and digital signage, makes us a trusted partner in the event industry. Collaborative and fun to work with, our dedication to your vision keeps your event on track and on budget.

What we do

We bring expertise, innovation, and efficiency to make your event exceed expectations. etech connects your needs with creative solutions, leveraging the latest technologies. Process driven, we’re flexible and scalable—we know that one size does not fit all. Expect better with etech on your team.

Why we’re different

Our company is built to deliver custom services, focused on your  event’s unique needs, wherever they take place. We integrate with your internal teams, partners and vendors—and play well with others. Our passion for technology keeps us current, always looking for new ways to improve user experience and efficiency.



Giving attendees access to the right info at the right time and place is a game changer. Discover etech and
see how we can raise the bar for your event.