Event Internet behind the scenes for LG at CES 2017

LG at CES 2017

LG‘s massive exhibit at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show placed requirements on its Internet and Wi-Fi that go beyond any normal office environment. A huge amount of traffic and high expectations by attendees made connectivity a “make or break” issue. That’s why The Taylor Group brought in etech to support their networking needs throughout the LG booth. When it has to be flawless, you bring in the experts.

Most new products, like those featured at the LG booth, have an internet component. Executing a major product launch in a live event environment can be unforgiving—to say the least.

As we all know, the rules (and charges!) are different in a hotel or convention center environment. Much different than we’d expect to see in the rest of the corporate world. Most importantly, when you launch a new product or service at the Consumer Electronics Show, it must work perfectly!

Managing the Internet and Wi-Fi in a typical corporate environment is challenging enough. Creating a network with over 20,000 ft. of cabling on an expo floor visited by over 177,000 attendees requires a completely different approach.

etech partnered with The Taylor Group to determine the specific needs for LG’s exhibit and worked directly with the Internet provider at the venue on LG’s behalf.

It’s commonplace in most meeting facilities to contract Internet bandwidth in advance by the MB. The challenge with this model is that, unless you’re doing this everyday, it can be nearly impossible to anticipate your needs—that’s where we come in. Having a technology partner that gets to know your products and communicates with your technical experts is invaluable to meet your requirements, within your budget.

In our experience, many exhibitors “over purchase” and waste money on their Internet services. And with etech, you’ll receive detailed post-event reporting. We provide your actual Internet usage, so you can make better decisions in the future.

Dedicated and responsive to your needs

At an event, the venue’s in-house tech staff are often stretched to their limits. Their focus is on serving everyone and providing a stable overall service. They typically do not have the staffing or time to help you plan and budget months in advance, create detailed CAD diagrams, or form relationships with your vendors & internal departments. With etech, we speak their language and make it easier for them to work with you.

Dedicated to your event or your exhibit, we focus on you.

As your event grows and your Internet and Wi-Fi needs become more complex, it’s a good idea to consider a different approach. etech is event technology.

For more info, visit our site at etechevents.com or contact us today and see what we can do to transform and power your events.

etech is event technology.