Do’s and Don’t of Digital Signage

Best practices and common mistakes

Event Digital Signage Best Practices – Do’s and Don’ts


  1. DON’T choose a vendor. Digital signage is not about renting monitors. Instead, choose a technology partner, like etech, who has the expertise to help you design an experience specific to your event and your unique set of challenges.
  2. DO start the process as early as possible. Making the decision to add digital signage to your event should come sooner rather than later. Six to nine months is the “sweet spot” for beginning the planning process. It can and has been done in less time, but we’ve found that the best results come from this timeline.The reality is, the more we know you, the better we’re able to leverage digital for greater effect and efficiency.
  3. DON’T use the same process as PRINT. Event Digital Signage is ALIVE – It’s a dynamic solution that allows you to share information as needed, based on time and location. Its not an information dump that many print signs are used for. A different solution requires a completely different planning process.
  4. DO take the time to visit other events and conferences that are using Digital Signage. This is a great way to see what a difference it can make in the attendee experience. Seeing it from a attendee perspective will help you make decisions for your own event digital signage.

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