Do this, Not that! Event Digital Signage

Do this, Not that!

Do this, not that

We live in the digital age.

Consumers are now able to order goods from Amazon and have them delivered within an hour, and often it only took a few swipes on their smartphones to make it happen. While retail seems to have completely integrated digital technology into its business ecosystem, the events industry has lagged.

Why is that?

In this day and age, event attendees expect their experience at a conference to mirror the best digital practices they’ve grown accustomed to in their everyday lives. They demand Wi-Fi that’s as fast and reliable as what they have in their homes/offices, and they want the same types of directional signage that’s become so useful in airports and large sporting/concert venues.

Of course they do! These technological advances make their lives easier, and if you stop to think about it, these advances make the lives of events professionals easier as well. For event organizers, managing complex events requires a tremendous amount of communication – between you and your attendees – and it all must happen within a short period of time (and often at the worst possible time)!

Fortunately, the introduction of event smartphone apps has started the shift to working smarter in the events industry. Attendees have the ability to self-serve some of their needs and information can be frequently updated by show managers.

Because not everything you need to communicate will fit nicely on a 5-inch smartphone screen, the advent of event Digital Signage that is displayed on AV screens is helping to fill the gap.

Enter: Digital Signage

The main reason why you don’t see a lot of digital signage in the event industry today lies in a vendor conflict of experience and roles.

Printing services provided by event decorators don’t align with the rental of screens and projectors by AV companies.

Add to that equation that neither of those professionals are typically knowledgeable about computers and Internet, and you can see why many have been resistant to jump into the 21st century. It seems Event Digital Signage is lost in the abyss between the old world roles and processes and the new.

The Solution

It’s going to take new vendors, new processes, new roles, and the understanding that working together is critical to move Digital Signage into the mainstream events space. Event organizers are going to have to learn to do more with less, and in doing so, Digital Signage will shift the industry’s mindset into more planning and less reacting. Event Digital Signage is the future, but it’s here today and expected by event attendees.

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