Digital Signage—It’s more than a slideshow

Once you see the value of digital signage, the next logical question is, what information does your audience need to know—right now?

Align your messaging, photo, and video with your agenda.

Digital Signage can be so much more than a PowerPoint or SlideShare. While those tools are a great place to start, they don’t consider timely interaction, the information attendees need to know at the right place and the right time. Stop overloading users with all the info, rather show them what’s going on and what’s next. What’s already happened no longer applies. This is the most compelling feature digital signage can offer.

Each event is different and needs vary across the event.


Tell your event story and anticipate their needs.

TMI. No more over-communicating.

etech’s system helps you easily manage content on every digital display at your event throughout the day, changing as often as you need. One digital sign can take the place of a dozen or more printed sign updates throughout the day.

Time-based content is based on a database of event information. We can show relevant info—what a user needs to see—in that moment, instead of showing the entire schedule for the whole week for attendees to sift through. Digital lets us display what’s important, right now.

Timely, when-they-need-it information is night and day difference that changes how we look at communicating and organizing all this information to help our guests better navigate your show.

Our process is streamlined

It takes redundant, repetitive work out of the equation and makes managing this side of the event so much simpler.  And consider the stress that takes off your team. No more running, chasing and reacting.

Imagine not having to race to the sign vendor time and time again. Your team can edit and make changes simply, from their connected devices and focus their time and energy on other tasks. Edits are made immediately, in real-time.

  • Oops, we typo-ed a speaker’s name. Correct it. New content appears where they’re scheduled to.
  • Venue change, signage throughout the show alerts our audience.
  • A session filled up—we can direct overflow to a new location, set up a display and show it live.
  • We can forget sessions that are over and focus attention on what’s happening now and coming up.

After we understand the utility of digital signage,  we can then we think about grabbing attention. No longer constrained by print, we open up possibilities.

  • Video and motion increases visibility.
  • Promote brand and sponsorship with repetition across the event.
  • Sync your presence on the floor in advertising and throughout the venue.
  • Integrate social feeds, news, and live casts to build awareness among attendees.

Signage should be less like a slideshow and more pervasive and persuasive. The digital process is a game changer—and etech can leverage all we know to give your next event more impact.

We hope this starts to illustrate what digital signage can do to boost your event and how it feels.

Communicate timely, relevant information for better user experience. From wayfinding and direction to sponsors and advertising, gives attendees the right information at the right time and place. etech sees what a difference digital makes—and are here to help you make the change.

Contact Us  and let’s start planning your next event.