Converting to Digital Signage—Are you Ready?

etech is continually improving how we communicate and integrate information to the user at your event.



We take the technology that powers your event seriously and consider every detail to deliver the best experience possible. Utilizing AV screens across the event has amazing advantages. etech helps you manage the process and provide useful information to attendees, when and where they need it.


Are you ready for Digital?

Why Digital?

  • Live updates. The entire show is centrally managed over the network from one room. Eliminates the stress of changing static signs.
  • Dynamic eye-catching content. Your Communications are alive. Video and graphics attract attention.
  • Day-by-day or Hour-by-hour changes. Display the information your attendees need based on the date and time, not the last time a staff member had a chance to swap out the foam-core meter board. Promote today’s sessions, not yesterday’s.
  • Engagement. Feature user-generated content, like social media feeds (with filters), photos from evening receptions, or contest winners.
  • Managed. Our team can make corrections and additions from their connected devices and command center, taking stress out of the equation. Our process and systems are automatic, making the  update of info on every screen changeable and scheduled.

digital signage data wall

Are you ready for Digital Signage?

You should consider digital, if these are true for your event. etech sees what a difference digital makes—and are here to help you make the change.

  • You are using an Event App
  • Your registration system contains all your session location and speaker information
  • You have many breakout rooms that contain different sessions throughout the day. Your schedule requires multiple printed signs to display this information—and it’s often information overload, too much to take in at a glance.
  • You have a great graphics and marketing team to support your signage content.
  • Your event has a clear brand and message that needs to echo throughout the entire event.
  • Your sponsors want more impact. Give advertisers more presence throughout the event. Digital signage is easily branded and can display dynamic content for more visibility than a logo on a banner. Open up new advertising potential with event-wide visibility.

Your audience expects to see digital signs. Our process, execution and efficiency will transform your event.

Contact Us  and let us show you how easy it is to get started.