Tom Brandt


They say effective leaders need three core assets: competence, connection and character. At etech, we’d  add a fourth: a great sense of humor. Those four things combined are what make our leader, Tom Brandt, a guy we’re all happy to follow.

A 20-year veteran of the industry, Tom has honed an uncanny instinct for anticipating shifts in the sector, allowing him to strategically adjust etech‘s course to best ensure the company’s continued relevance and excellence. He also brings an old-school work ethic and level of professional integrity that is rare these days.

Whatever Tom promises, he delivers – come hell or high water, and you can bet he’ll deliver above expectation (and with a fair amount of humor tossed in for good measure). In fact, Tom’s “work hard, play hard” philosophy pretty much sets the tone around here, making etech a place where performance, integrity, learning and fun are highly valued.


Kevin Kearns

IT Director

Keeping things interesting at etech for over a decade now, and previously with the University of Central Florida’s Institute for Simulation and Training, Kevin is the guru who manages all of our IT requirements, internally and externally.

Kevin’s claim to fame is the creation, and continued evolution, of etech‘s exclusive SUMMIT software. This customized, internal, web-based portal ensures that all etech team members and customers (even those dispatched across the country at various show sites) can all interface in real time with our most up-to-date inventory, order and project management data, ensuring that critical client show details are never missed.


Jeremy Kearns

Director of Operations

Jeremy has built up etech’s operations and logistics functions. Growing in the industry for over 13 years, he manages our two warehouse facilities in Orlando and Las Vegas, overseeing operations and fulfillment.

Operations at etech means making sure every aspect and detail of each event is taken care of, completed on time and within budget. Purchasing, gear, shipping logistics and cross-rentals, he assigns assets from East to West coast, where we need them, relative to changing needs.

Jeremy also works closely with our Account and Project managers to ensure bids and estimates are accurate, with technical assets paired to meet client needs and expectations.


Kelly Silva


When it comes to tackling all of those critical internal tasks that keep a business running smoothly, Kelly is the anchor at etech, and has been since 2007.

In addition to providing oversight of all our financial statements, budgets and reporting, general ledger reconciliation, HR and benefits administration. Kelly is also in charge of payroll—this, of course, means our appreciation for dear Kelly definitely hits a peak, every other Friday!