etech is amazing people

Technology impacts events more than ever—make sure you have the right team in your corner.


Who we are

We care about people, relationships, and our reputation. With decades in the event industry, we understand how demanding this work can be. etech provides our staff lots of time off, flexibility, benefits and a work environment that is fun, rewarding, and collaborative.

We foster an entrepreneurial culture and commitment to our clients—placing a great deal of trust in our team. We don’t have to be rigid or as structured as others, because we know that when it’s time to deliver, our people are ready, willing and able to take on every challenge.

Creative, problem solvers, and obsessive planners, we know that most of our work occurs prior to your event. Our culture makes us good at preventing problems and providing innovative solutions that make your event stand out.

We try to make etech a great place to work. We constantly invest back into the company to grow our capabilities and our people. From the newest equipment, to continual training, we foster an environment of innovation—always open to try new things.

How it feels working with us

Consistent, and predictable, we anticipate problems and plan for success.

We’re tech savvy, but people friendly. Outgoing, collaborative, we fit in and play well with others, usually with a fair amount of humor thrown in. From your team to staff at the venue, vendors to partners—we understand how critical your relationships are and work together to build and strengthen them.

Good stewards of your budgets, we’re committed to the success of your event. We value quality over quantity and are constantly refining the way we deliver our services to improve your attendees experience.

The way we work: collaborative and responsive.

Our Process

We structure our teams to focus time and energy into pre-planning and organizing in the months and weeks leading to an event.   Process driven, we’re able to scale very efficiently.

By investing time and thought into perfecting tools and process, we do things better.

Much of the focus is related to aspects that may not have anything to do with technology. From detailed logistics to customer ordering and budgeting portals to prep and equipment kitting, our attention to detail is what makes us different.

And, because of this ongoing effort, we’re incredibly efficient, allowing us to manage very large events with a smaller footprint.

We continue to adapt to new technology with a suite of innovative services. Working with some of the fastest growing companies in the industry, we build long term relationships, grow trust and rapport as we raise the bar on how a modern event feels.

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Tom Brandt

Founder and President